Severn Cosmedic Clinic offers a variety of medical treatments designed to keep you looking and feeling your best.


Searching for ways to improve your look does not constitute vanity. The way an individual feels about their external appearance greatly effects how they perform in the every day world.




Severn Cosmedic clinic provides Botox® and filler treatment. We have brought in a new state-of-art technique from Europe. We are always improving on filler and Botox® procedures in order to meet your individual concerns.


We also offer a simple method that helps eliminate unsightly spider and varicose veins. Our Medical Director is Dr. Muriel P. Roach (Plastic and reconstructive surgeon). During your consultation the procedure, risks, and benefits will be explained to meet your individual needs. You will be assessed by a Medical Practitioner or Dr. Roach prior to treatments.


Aina Severn is a Registered Nurse (Clinical Specialist) practicing in Ontario as a member of a self-regulated profession according to the standards of the Ontario College of Nurses (RNAO).


Established in 1994


Fillers: Variety of injection techniques available to meet your individual needs. eg. Cannula method produces less bruising if any, and very little discomfort. Painless!


Indications for fillers:


• reduce loss of volume


• facial contouring .


• correction of nose (filler rhinoplasty)


• filler face lift


• cheek augmentation


• lip augmentation to meet your desired look


much, much more ... ask about the many possibilities during your consultation.


Indications for Botox®:


• female and male frown


• browlift


• downturned mouth


• neck: vertical bands, horizontal lines


• puppet lines


• horizontal forehead lines


• crows feet


• bunny "scrunch lines"


• accordian


much, much more ... inquire about the many possibilities during your consultation.


SCLEROTHERAPY: Injection Therapy of Unwanted Blood Vessels


A sclerosing solution is a salt and sugar solution that irritates the lining of the vessel, causing it to swell and stick together. Over a period of weeks, the vessel fades from view, eventually becomes barely or not at all visible.


Ms. Severn is also a two time recipient of The Award of Excellence. Subsequently, she has maintained her education through various pharmaceutical conventions and seminars.


Although Aina provides Botox® and filler injections, one of her passions is Sclerotherapy. Her post graduate work involved the study of Phlebology; the practice of Phlebology, known as Sclerotherapy involves the injection of varicose and spider leg veins.


Serving two locations for fillers and Botox®, including:


190 Sherway Drive, Toronto, ON  M9C 5N2

Dr. Muriel P. Roach c/o Aina Severn (Clinical Nurse Specialist)

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